Again I’ve revamped the site. Now it has a static home page and dynamic blog posts. Apart from the lay out and the logo this seems the set up we are going to work with for a while. This time the main concern was to have the availability and reservation calender up front as those in the know tell me that that is a necessity for a landing page of a hotel site.

I’ve added Translator pro. Translator pro is an automatic translation plugin for WordPress. It is not ideal, because the translations are machine translations and not very accurate. However, being a small hotel, we cannot afford the fees for real translations. At the same time the content of this site will change frequently. Translator pro currently offers translations for 42 languages. I’ve enabled some.

Translator pro offers two ways of creating translated pages. One is to store the translated pages as temporary html pages and the other is to store them into the WordPress database. For the moment I use the former way, as I’m afraid the database might become too bulky to handle when making backups. We’ll see.

Translator pro also caused me to change servers first before diving into this adventure of creating a WordPress based website for Haagsche Suites. When testing it last year over at Happy Hotelier it proved to take so much space on the server and also to take so much time to load, that the change of server was imperative.