Today I managed to upgrade this blog to WordPress Version 2.9. I’m not sure it is because of this update, but certain errors now have disappeared.

It snowed in the Netherlands. Snow in the Netherlands is not strange in itself, but it happens seldom that we get 10-15 inch of snow in one day. So I took the opportunity to take some photos of the garden with this layer of snow and decided to make a Season’s Greeting card of one of the photos.

To all of you:

Merry Christmass and Happy New Year

From the Garden of Haagsche Suites

In addition I have now some time to devote on the development of this blog.

I haven’t posted for some time, because of several developments with the two other blogs. The main development is that I changed my Dutch hosting company that hosted the Haagsche Suites site. The two blogs were already hosted by my present Dutch hosting company, but there was a dire need to change server at their site for various reasons among which was my desire to have the three blogs hosted in a PHP MySql version 5 environment, the most preferred environment for self hosted WordPress blogs nowadays.

Those migrations I did a bit clumsily myself. With as a result me manually editing a couple of thousand posts. I’ve not finished that project yet, but at least to an extent that I am able to go on with this project.