As of December 20, 2013, we’ve ceased operating Haagsche Suites

It used to be the smallest and most luxurious boutique hotel of The Hague (in Dutch “Den Haag” or “‘s-Gravenhage” ), The Netherlands, in a historic terraced townhouse from 1890, close to the city center.

We keep the site Haagsche Suites in the air. First because we like to keep our proud memories and secondly because we stopped quite abruptly in December 2013, when we could sell the house. It is just a family house again since 2014.

Rather than offering our fans and prior guests with a blank screen we would like to share our fond memories of Haagsche Suites with them and you.

Because Haagsche Suites is a family home again, we will not give address details here anymore.

Originally we had a Dutch site which contained all information in both Dutch and English. Now we have a .com site for English language information and a .nl site for Dutch language information.

Under the Blog tab you can find all posts about the history of Haagsche Suites (101 Haagsche Suites) and Guest reviews and more.

According to the traffic signs you had to stop 3 times for Haagsche Suites.

Guido and Irene van den Elshout