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Another Scheveningen Sunset

I had the honor of showing friends from GB and the USA together with two more Dutch friends around The Hague and we were lucky the weather allowed us to watch another glorious sunset shortly after the prior one.

Sunset Dinner in Scheveningen

Today I had dinner with Nomadic Matt (@nomadicmatt), a perpetual traveler and celebrity blogger who visited Haagsche Suites last year already.

We had dinner at Beach club “Doen”. Doen = Dutch for Do!

Good food and good service by a friendly and professional crew. Good to see Matt back, albeit too short. As a dessert a nice and crisp true Scheveningen Sunset.

Scheveningen is the beach resort of The Hague. In summer the beach club is an excellent location for many a wedding celebration and in many occasions the newly wed couples celebrate their first honeymoon night in Haagsche Suites. I should go there more often.

The Peace Palace in The Hague

Almost a year ago I took this photo of the Peace Palace, which is around the corner from Haagsche Suites and attracts buses full of tourists all day every day. Looking at it again, I see it is a bit unsharpened, unfortunately. I’ll look for another one which I took the later with my then new camera of which the card wasn’t functioning properly…but somewhere I must have that other photo.
The peace palace is not only a significant building in The Hague, but also something to visit, albeit by it standing there as a monument of trying to achieve peace though international justice. It is the home of the International Court of Justice, that decides on conflicts between countries.

Visited by a Celebrity Travel Blogger

This is Gary Arndt, celebrity travel blogger of Everything Everywhere in the garden of Haagsche Suites.

And here we are visiting the Peace Palace in The Hague.

Read more about the visit at Happy Hotelier.

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